ML&R Wealth Management LLC
Maxwell Locke Ritter
Our holistic approach to wealth management focuses on your personal goals so you are ready for life's expected and unexpected events.

Through our working relationship, you will gain:

  • Clarity
  • Insight
  • Long-term relationship
  • Partnership with an advisor
  • Transparency

ML&R Wealth Management is focused on giving you the assurance and peace of mind that comes with having a customized plan covering your life goals and every aspect of your financial life. We focus on the following key areas for our clients:

  • Growth and preservation of wealth
  • Mitigation of taxes
  • Wealth transfer to provide for the financial future of your heirs
  • Wealth protection from litigation, catastrophic loss, etc.
  • Charitable giving

Once we understand what you want to achieve, we focus on the most effective way to get there. At the heart of our approach is academic research, which states that investing in low-cost, broadly diversified funds and financial instruments can minimize risks and seek to effectively capture the returns the markets provide.

Because markets fluctuate, we run scenario analysis on your specific portfolio which can give you peace of mind that your plan appears to be on track – that you are saving and spending in a way that complements your personal goals and risk tolerances.

We will ensure that your plan encompasses your life goals, which may include:

Helping and protecting family
  • Helping children
  • Assisting parents
  • Enjoying lifestyle
  • Education
  • Healthcare
Protecting and enjoying lifestyle
  • Replace income
  • Family security
  • Personal health
  • Long term care
  • Protecting business
Achieving financial comfort
  • Building and protecting nest egg
  • Generate income
  • Minimize taxes paid
  • Saving for future
  • Financial freedom
Plan for the expected and unexpected
  • Succession planning
  • Family members
  • Health challenges
  • Manage change
  • Housing options
Building a legacy
  • Identify your passion
  • Wills and instructions
  • Estate planning
  • Giving to charity
  • Living legacy