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Finding the Right Financial Advisor in a Crisis: The Top Two Questions You Must Ask

Carli Smith explains two important questions to ask your next potential financial advisor.

Everything You Need to Know About Social Security (May 2021)

Vanessa McElwrath introduces Phylis Dill, Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration. Phylis shares everything you need to know about Social Security.

Elections and Stock Market Returns

Carli Smith shares why you should not be concerned with your portfolio performance as it relates to an election year.

Navigating the Emotions of a Financial Crisis

Carli Smith answers common questions to avoid derailing your financial goals during a financial crisis.

Financial advisor videos

The Financial Planning Process at ML&R

Steve Harvey talks about long-term financial planning and how ML&R sets up clients for long-term financial security and success.

Leading Financial Advice for Women

Stuart Smith helps women achieve long-term financial stability, especially during transitions such as marriage and retirement.

Finance Videos

The Power of Markets

How the collective experience of all buyers and sellers in the stock market affects stock prices and trends.

How to Handle Market Ups and Downs

Why you shouldn’t exit the market when times are tough, and how staying the course can provide the biggest returns.

The Value of Advice

How an authentic relationship between advisors and clients can deliver the greatest investment experience.

KVUE news videos

Fear of Missing Out: Bitcoin Mania”

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are receiving intense media coverage. Investors may wonder whether they deserve to be in their portfolios.

Stock Market Takes a Dip due to Coronavirus

Coronavirus and market declines have people feeling uncertain about their investments. Join us to learn about helpful actions you can take.

Getting Your Estate Plans in Order

Estate planning ensures that your wishes are followed in the event of incapacitation or death. Learn which estate planning documents you need.

The Secure Act Changes and Impact on Retirement

The SECURE Act was passed in 2019 to help address the retirement crisis. Find out the positives and negatives of this new legislation.

How to Make the Most Out of this Season of Giving

Make more impactful gifts this year and avoid paying excessive tax with these helpful tips from wealth management partner Vanessa McElwrath.

Steps to Take to Save on Taxes

As we come up to tax time, find out how to maximize your investments, reduce your tax, and avoid unpleasant surprises come April.

Helping Aging Parents with Money

As your parents reach their golden years, it can be helpful to check in and offer support with accounts, investments, estate planning, and more.

Women’s Retirement Gap and How to Start Saving Now

Women typically end up with less in the way of retirement funds. Learn some tips and tricks for maximizing your retirement savings.

Tips for Parents Sending Kids Off to College

When your child goes off to college, there are several things you need to arrange to ensure your child’s health and finances are taken care of.

Teaching Your Kids About Wealth Management Early On

Raising financially-savvy adults begins early. Learn how to introduce your children to money and teach them about budgeting, saving, and giving.

How to Manage Good and Bad Debt

Recognizing good debt vs. bad debt helps you to make well-informed financial decisions. Learn the differences between the two types of debt.

How to Make the Right Life Insurance Decisions

Life insurance is imperative if you have dependents. Discover the two kinds of life insurance available and the pros and cons of each.

Avoid This Common Estate Planning Mistake

Estate planning is one of those things that’s worth getting right. Learn about the documents you’ll need to ensure that your final wishes are met.

Creating a College Savings Roadmap

Keys to Successful Investment Experience

Smart Financial Moves to Make Before the End of the Year

How to Teach Your Children About Money

Ways to Properly Prepare for Retirement

Wealth Management for Gen Xers

How Baby Boomers Can Successfully Retire

Financial Tips for Your Summer Vacation

Cyber Security and Protecting Your Assets

How to Help Aging Parents with Their Finances

Investing in Volatile Times

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Our team of wealth management partners, advisors, and associates has a depth of knowledge on special areas that are essential to building a diverse portfolio of wealth, including:

  • Offering Our Clients A Well-Thought-Out Wealth Management Plan
  • The Power Of Markets
  • Tax Planning Tips For Year-End
  • The Women’s Retirement Gap

If there is a topic that you’re interested in learning more about, we would be happy to invite you to our offices in downtown Austin or Round Rock, Texas where you can meet with one of our financial professionals.

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