Our Consulting Process

ML&R Wealth Management LLC is here to serve families, couples, individuals, and non-profit organizations with our personalized investment management services. One of our personal financial consultants will make sure that we are managing your wealth in the best possible way. Everyone has different financial plans and expectations, and we are here to accommodate and help no matter what. We work to ensure that your plans work for your life and support your family. With a solid, long-term strategy your financial future will be secure.

Our approach to developing the perfect wealth management plan for your life involves achieving diversification, controlling costs and managing appropriate levels of risk with an evidence-based investment philosophy. While this may sound intimidating, in our financial planning consultation, or Discovery Meeting, we will make sure to break it down into manageable steps.


Breaking Down the Process

The general ML&R Wealth Management consulting process is divided into two categories: meetings and deliverables. Each meeting with a personal financial consultant includes the ML&R Wealth Management team and you, while Deliverables (listed beside each meeting) are handled by us in house.

  • Discovery Meeting: In this meeting, we will get to know you and get an understanding of your financial goals. We then take what we gathered in that discovery meeting and build a detailed plan for all aspects of your financial life.
  • Investment Plan Meeting: Here, we will show you the results of our detailed financial plan. In this presentation we will go over the strategies and ideas we have for you, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Mutual Commitment Meeting: From the Investment Plan Meeting, your personal financial consultant will ask you to participate with us in a Mutual Commitment Meeting where the ML&R Wealth Management team and you will make a confirmation of commitment. Our next deliverable is the Asset Transition and Investment Plan which our team builds as a roadmap for your investments moving forward.
  • 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting: This is a fairly cut and dry process of organizing account paperwork. After the follow-up, our team will regularly conduct ongoing reviews where we meet regularly to review your investments, assess your progress toward goals and refine the plan based on your current life events.
  • Regular Process Meetings: Finally, your personal financial consultant will meet with you from time to time to go over the progress being made and the implementation of the wealth management plan. This is a great opportunity to keep up to date, ask questions, and build confidence.


Wealth Management Your Way

We know that investing can be an overwhelming and private affair, so our goal is to make a wealth management plan your way. We strive to make our consultations as straightforward and personalized as possible.

Call us today for a complimentary financial planning consultation, and to get started on your financial goals.