Partnering with Purpose

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Partnering with Purpose

Managing finances for clients with a well-thought-out strategy gives them peace of mind now and financial security in the long-term. An independent Registered Investment Advisor, ML&R Wealth Management is dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial goals through a strategic and evidence-based wealth management plan. We look at the relationship as a financial planning partnership. We understand that managing our clients’ assets is about more than money, it’s about empowering their future.

The ML&R Wealth Management Approach

As a well-established, academic-based firm in Austin, Texas, we have been helping our clients achieve their goals for more than 20 years through diversified investments, minimized costs, and appropriate risk management. We have a disciplined approach to investing through evidence-based, academically-proven strategies.

A Holistic Approach to Financial Health

ML&R Wealth Management offers an integrated approach to financial wellness that covers four key areas of financial planning:

Investment Management

A financial planning partnership with our experienced advisors involves the design of a well-balanced portfolio and an efficient plan for optimizing taxes. Our parent company, Maxwell Locke & Ritter, is available to help with the accounting aspects of tax filing and tax breaks.

Risk Management

Being prepared for the unexpected is an essential part of a well-thought-out financial plan. Our trusted advisors help clients compare the options for life and disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and health care to find the plan that best matches their situation and goals.

Financial Planning & Cash Management

We can assist in preparing for the special (and expensive) moments in life, such as:

We can also help with the day-to-day aspects of cash and liquidity management.

Estate Planning

Passing on assets to loved ones is a powerful way to leave a legacy. Through a financial planning partnership, we can help clients avoid excessive taxes on the transfer of gifts and assets and help them maximize the value of trusts and estates.

Who Can Benefit from a Financial Planning Partnership With Us?

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ML&R Wealth Management is proud to offer financial services that are tailored to a diverse set of clients. In particular, our services are geared towards:

How We Help Grow Clients’ Wealth

A financial planning partnership with ML&R Wealth Management is a lasting relationship that adapts with the changing landscape of life. As dedicated fiduciary professionals, we like to stay in touch regularly and understand our clients’ changing priorities so we can continue to put their best interests first.

As the financial quarterback for our clients, we are here to make them stronger and more financially resilient in every money-related area of life, by:

  • Focusing on the client’s unique goals and objectives
  • Creating a tailor-made plan that meets their needs
  • Reviewing the plan, investment, and goals in quarterly meetings
  • Providing ongoing monitoring of the financial details, including taxes, insurance, estate planning, charitable donations, and progress toward goals
  • Rebalancing investments regularly to ensure consistency and maintain a disciplined, evidence-based approach to investing

Our Investment Philosophy

A financial planning partnership with ML&R Wealth Management involves a disciplined approach to building wealth over time. We believe in evidence-based investing that is rooted in the best available academic research rather than chasing overnight returns in a highly unpredictable market.

The strategies we use are designed to make our clients’ investments resilient. This includes:

  • A tailored allocation of assets based on personal risk tolerance, objectives, and goals
  • A portfolio structure that captures the upper end of higher expected returns
  • Global diversification of investments
  • Managing taxes, expenses, and turnover
  • Remaining disciplined through times of market volatility

A Wealth of Resources

A subsidiary of Maxwell Locke & Ritter — the largest local accounting firm in Central Texas — ML&R Wealth Management regularly coordinates accounting assistance with our wealth management services to cover our clients’ tax and other business or individual accounting needs.

We have seen that a long-term, evidence-based approach to investing can pay strong dividends in the long-term. It’s that expertise that we bring to every financial planning partnership with our clients.

About Author

Carli Smith, CFP®

Carli Smith is ready to embark with you on your financial journey. She will take the time to understand your values and listen to your goals. With this solid foundation, she will build out a long-term investment strategy and a dynamic portfolio based on the comprehensive financial planning built out around what matters most to you. Her attention to detail, love of problem solving, and compassion for clients allows her to be an ideal investment management advisor.

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