ML&R Wealth Management serves individuals, families, business owners, and non-profit organizations with personalized investment management services. We work to bring order, direction and confidence to your financial future through a well-thought-out wealth management plan.

Our process offers a better, more transparent way of achieving your most important financial goals. We work with each client through a personal and holistic approach to know what is important to you.

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Personal Wealth Management

Wealth management your way

What do you want to achieve with your wealth? Whatever your goals for the future, our advisors can develop a wealth management plan suited to your unique needs and can help you manage your finances in line with a sound, long-term strategy.

Our approach to investing focuses on achieving diversification, controlling costs, and managing appropriate levels of risk with an evidence-based investment philosophy. This philosophy is rooted in academic research with a disciplined approach to long-term investing.

We serve as your personal trusted advisor to manage your financial life. We can work with your current providers or connect you with our network of trusted professionals, including estate attorneys, insurance agents, accountants, bankers, and corporate trustees.

Our fee structure is simple and straightforward, based solely on assets under management, with no hidden incentives.

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We understand your goals

At ML&R Wealth Management, we understand that your goals are unique, whether you are an early-career professional, an executive, a business owner, or a retiree wanting to enjoy what you have built. We will ensure that your plan encompasses your life goals, which may include:

Helping and protecting your family
Protecting and enjoying your lifestyle
Achieving financial comfort
Planning for the expected and unexpected
Building a legacy

Women & Financial Freedom

Specialized services for women’s financial well-being

At ML&R Wealth Management, we understand that women have unique concerns when it comes to wealth management and financial well-being. Whether married or single, many women wish to manage their assets independently. Others face daunting decisions and challenges during such life transitions as a career change, divorce, the death of a spouse, the care of aging parents, or the support of children. Our advisors are dedicated to helping women gain financial freedom through sound wealth management services that align with each woman’s personal, professional and family goals.

Stuart Vick Smith, an advisor and partner at ML&R Wealth Management, has written an informative book for women, Finding Your Financial Path: A guide for women through life’s twists and turns, which is available through her website. To meet with her or another member of our team, please call to arrange for a complimentary consultation. You will have a direct, personal relationship with your advisor, whom you can call whenever you have financial questions or concerns.

The services most often requested by women include:

Corporate Retirement & 401(k) Plans

Retirement and 401(k) plan design and management for growing businesses

ML&R Wealth Management designs and manages tailored retirement plans that benefit business owners and their employees by an investment philosophy based on a long-term outlook and full transparency in pricing with no hidden fees.

We take the same personal approach to corporate retirement planning and management as we do for our individual clients. You and your employees alike have access to your ML&R Wealth Management retirement plan team and personalized, one-on-one advice from a fiduciary advisor. We provide all the support you need to educate your employees, making it easier for them to make smart decisions and maximize their savings, while increasing overall plan participation. Acting as a fiduciary, our firm provides financial protection to our plan sponsor clients. We also provide comprehensive support in plan compliance and administration to ensure efficiency.

When you decide to move your current plan to ML&R Wealth Management, our team takes charge of the details, making the move as seamless and painless as possible for the business leaders, staff and employee participants.

We can administer various combinations of services we provide to suit the needs of your company and your participants.

Our services for retirement plan sponsors include:
Third Party Administration (TPA)
3(16) Plan Administration
3(21) Investment Advisory
3(38) Investment Management

Institutions & Nonprofits

Sound management of institutional portfolios

ML&R Wealth Management provides investment advisory and management services to match your organization’s mission and to help advance your long-term goals.

Our advisors get to know you and your organization, working closely with your executive director and staff, as well as the board of directors. Our goal is to ensure that your portfolio is managed in accordance with your organizational objectives, including socially responsible and sustainable investment funds, as desired. We also provide fiduciary training for board members so that they understand their role in investment decisions and oversight.

Along with our parent company Maxwell Locke & Ritter, we believe in giving back to our community. You will find our team members taking time away from the office to participate on boards and committees and to serve in other volunteer capacities at over 130 local and national organizations. That means we understand the challenges of nonprofit institutions of all kinds – a knowledge we bring to our goal of ensuring that your organization’s financial house is in order and your financial future is secure.

Our services for non-profit organizations include: