Women’s Financial Planning & Freedom

ML&R Wealth Management understands that women face unique concerns when planning for their future, and are often misunderstood by their financial advisors. Because of this, our team of financial advisors for women has created a custom wealth management plan to align your personal, professional, and family goals.

Common Factors That Impact Women’s Financial Planning

There are several hurdles that women must overcome as they plan their financial success. These factors often mean that women must develop financial plans with unique strategies.

We understand not only the wage gap but the investment gap that impacts women today. Women live longer, continue to earn less, and invest differently than men. This creates a challenging financial dynamic that we are experienced in navigating for our clients.

Working with a team that is familiar with financial planning for women positions your long-term strategy in a way that secures your cash flow, retirement, and investments. By maintaining a financial plan and being aware of common financial mistakes, you can maximize your potential for success.

Services Focused On Security

Given women’s unique financial planning challenges, ML&R Wealth Management’s team of advisors devise plans to help women find financial independence and security. Whether married or single, many women wish to manage their assets independently. Our financial planning team is dedicated to helping women achieve financial freedom through the following advisory services:

How do you define financial success, and what is most important to you? Financial independence, building wealth for your family, and handling finances after the death of a spouse or a divorce are common circumstances we address when working with women.

How do your current income and expenses match your retirement goals? Our team of financial advisors for women look at factors including income, taxes, assets, risk management, and emergency funds when building a financial roadmap.

How are your compensation and benefits leveraged to deliver the greatest return over time? The amount of income you make and the types of medical, life, disability, and retirement benefits you receive are crucial elements that play into women’s financial planning. If you have executive benefits, including items like stock options or deferred compensation plans we can help you navigate the best outcome for your financial future.

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How do your investments maximize your after-tax return? Our advisors are familiar with tax laws and requirements to minimize taxes and increase portfolios for you and members of your family.

How can your investments and assets be transferred to other members of your family with the least tax consequences? Our advisors are here to consult with you on ways to effectively manage the transition of wealth to children and other family members.

While these financial advisory services are important to all individuals, our team uses unique investment strategies and tactics for financial planning for women. We are here to work through any life transitions you may have, such as a career change, divorce, the death of a spouse, the care of aging parents, or the support of children. ML&R Wealth Management will match you with one of our financial advisors for women to guarantee that you have a direct, personal relationship with your advisor, whom you can call whenever you have financial questions or concerns.

Improve Your Advisor Relationship with ML&R Wealth Management

ML&R Wealth Management remains committed to financial planning for women. Our advisors are dedicated to helping women gain financial independence through sound wealth management services that align with each woman’s personal, professional and family goals.

For more details on our advisory services dedicated to women’s success, contact us today and schedule a free consultation. And for more professional insights on women and financial freedom, learn more about our women financial advisors, Stuart Vick Smith, Vanessa McElwrath, MaryBeth Meyer, and Carli Smith.

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ML&R Wealth Management advisors are dedicated to helping women gain financial independence through sound wealth management services that align with each woman’s personal, professional, and family goals. Contact our team of Austin financial advisors for women to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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