Personal Wealth Management

ML&R Wealth Management serves individuals, families, business owners, and non-profit organizations with personal wealth management services. We work to bring order, direction and confidence to your financial future through a well-thought-out wealth management plan.

Our process offers a better, more transparent way of achieving your most important financial goals. We work with each client through a personal and holistic approach to know what is important to you.

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Our Approach to Personal Wealth Management

Investment Management Your Way

ML&R Wealth Management looks at your individual goals to understand what is most important to you. We then focus our efforts to achieve diversification, control costs, and manage appropriate levels of risk to figure out the best plans moving forward. Our philosophy is rooted in academic research and incorporates long-term investment strategies into your personal finances.

In order to strengthen your investment portfolio, our team of Austin financial advisors maintain a well-diversified portfolio allocated according to your risk tolerance, investment goals, and time horizon.

Managing Your Personal Wealth

  • Our wealth management services are designed to guide you and your family to your financial goals. We offer a range of services with the goal of helping and protecting your family, maintaining and enjoying your lifestyle, achieving financial comfort, planning for the expected and unexpected, and building a legacy.
  • The ML&R Wealth Management partners and advisors are here to help you promote your personal wealth management so that you can develop a rewarding financial plan. We emphasize transparency with our clients so that they understand what the risks and rewards are going into a long-term plan.
  • Our personal wealth management services are simple and keep you in control. ML&R Wealth Management first analyzes your existing portfolio so that we can discuss our recommendations with you. We then see how your existing portfolio aligns with our long-term financial plans. To provide the most seamless transition, our team of investment advisors only make necessary changes so that the transition of assets occurs as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible.
  • At ML&R Wealth Management, we offer transparency in our pricing. We operate on a fee-only charge for our personal wealth management services, where charges are based on a percentage of the assets that are managed.

Our Wealth Management Consulting Process

ML&R Wealth Management uses a five-step consulting process to ensure that you meet your financial goals. To most efficiently help you reach your objectives, our investment advisors meet with you on an ongoing basis and provide you with a list of deliverables to ensure that you are on the right track to reach your financial targets.

Our initial call helps us gather information about you so that we can best understand your situation and your financial goals. We then have a one-on-one discovery meeting which allows us to answer any further questions you may have around personal wealth management

After aligning on a long-term investment strategy, we develop a mutual commitment in which we agree on a financial plan moving forward. At this stage, we mutually oversee the asset transition and investment plan stage, which includes building a roadmap for your future investments. From there, we continue to build our relationship and find the best solutions to your current and future needs. 

You and your wealth management partner or advisor will meet regularly to review your investments. This includes tracking your financial progress towards the goals highlighted in the early stages of planning and refining your plan based on life events and other circumstances.

Learn More About Our Consulting Process

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We would be happy to discuss your goals with you and provide you a second opinion on your personal wealth management strategy. We offer in-person consultations at both our Austin and Round Rock, Texas offices. Our initial consultation helps us understand your financial goals, provide you with a highlight of what your long-term plan will entail, and allow us to answer any other questions you may have. 

If you’re interested in setting up a complimentary consultation or learning more about securing your future financial success, get in touch with us at any time. You can contact us via email at, by phone at 512-275-2700.

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ML&R Wealth Management uses a five-step consulting process to help you reach your financial goals. To learn more about strengthening your portfolio, contact our team of wealth management advisors to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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