National Women’s History Month: Women’s Guide to Investing Summary

National Women’s History Month: Women’s Guide to Investing Summary

Happy National Women’s History Month! Each year, the month of March is a time for us to celebrate the numerous accomplishments and contributions of women throughout history. With each passing year, women continue to break more barriers and shatter more glass ceilings than ever before. While the last year was no different, having a pandemic enter our lives left many of us feeling like we were dealt a bad hand. For many women, the ability to maintain our sanity and security was challenged with each passing month due to shuttered schools, an increasing demand of domestic work-load, and having a to-do list that seemed to never end. However, even in the face of a very unexpected and challenging year for women, the fact is women are still rising up and forging ahead at a far greater magnitude than ever before.

For our contribution to National Women’s History Month, ML&R Wealth Management created a special blog series, “Women’s Guide to Investing”. With women doing and accomplishing more than ever, we wanted to create a resource to help propel women of today forward! We asked women in our community what they would want to hear from a Financial Advisor as a woman. Each week during the month of March, through our social media outlets, we shared a variety of questions covering financial planning for women, that were top of mind and provided explanations to help answer those questions. Our goal was and always will be to help women feel more empowered and confident as they navigate through their own financial journey.

In case you missed the weekly blog posts, below we have listed each question we received and answered. By clicking on the link to the question, it will take you to the “Women’s Guide to Investing” blog post where we have provided our explanation. In the first question, “Is there anything I should be thinking about differently as a woman?” we tee off the blog series by explaining why women should approach financial planning and investing differently than men. It set the stage perfectly for our month-long celebration of women!

Investing for Women:

Week One

Is there anything I should be thinking about differently as a woman?

I’m being told I need to find a Financial Advisor that is a Fiduciary. How do I do that?

How do I structure my portfolio as I prepare for retirement?

Week Two

I max out my 401k every year. What else can I do to make sure I am saving enough for retirement?

How do you decide that something is a worthwhile investment?

What is the difference between a broker-dealer and a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), and how do they help with Investments?

Week Three

What other options are available besides a 529 if you would like to save for your child’s future?

I am about to go through a divorce. When is the right time to initiate a relationship with a Financial Advisor?

What is an easy way for women to be fiscally savvy and prioritize their financial health?

I have never invested outside of my 401k but know I will have an inheritance coming my way. Where do I begin?

Week Four

How will I help support my parents, pay for college for my kids, and pay for weddings all while trying to save for retirement?

Is day trading really investing?

Since a women’s life expectancy is longer, how do we account for the extra years in retirement?

At ML&R Wealth Management, we understand that women face unique concerns when planning for their future. Women are living longer, continue to deal with the wage gap, and invest differently than men. Investing for women creates a challenging financial dynamic that we can help you prepare for. Our team of advisors is dedicated to helping women achieve the financial freedom they deserve.

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